Raptor Member Diary for Week 5 (June 1)


Behold, our berry share and egg share for the week! (The two of us also have the veg share, but that hasn’t started yet this year.) We thought asparagus season was over so it was a nice surprise to get another bunch in addition to the four—count ‘em, one-two-three-four—quarts of strawberries.

We usually transport everything easily from the Woods with some cloth bags. Berry transportation, however, is tricky. It was especially tricky in the rain last week with a soggy cardboard box. We usually store our asparagus standing up on the counter in a little bit of water, but we pounced right on the asparagus for dinner on Monday night.


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June 23 – B week – week 8 of 30

MimoMex Vegetable Share
1lb sweet peas
1bag flor de calabaza (squash blossoms) (use them in a frittata, a soup, quesadillas, or stuffed with cheese, battered and fried)
2 white onions
3 green onions
4 garlic bulbs
1 bunch mizuna
1 bunch sweet chard
1 lb salad mix

Greig Farm Berry Share
4 quarts strawberries

Yellow Bell Egg Share
1 dozen
Yellow Bell Chicken Share
1 pack chicken thighs
1pk split shell chicken breast
Northwind Farm Meat Share
1pack chorizo
1porterhouse steak

1 pack chicken thighs

1 split chicken breast

small beef shank












Meeshka Member Diary – Apples, Strawberries & Squash

greigfarmstrawberry pic by Mo Kim
Meeshka Share Family shares with us some yummy recipes for all those apples, strawberries in the freezer, and squash you have piling up on the counter….

What’s Cooking? Recipe tips from local kitchens…

Stocked pantry!

As the harvest season continues to crescendo, we continue to cook up a storm with our ever growing supply of local produce. Addicted to delicious fresh food, we amplify our Southside CSA share with trips to farmers markets. Check out whats cooking in our kitchen…

chopping veg

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Member Diary #7: Stone Soup

On Tuesday night, Brian and Lorah, our CSA share family partners invited another couple to join us for a 6 person meal/FEAST based on what we received in our bag from our first week of veggies!

We started with a base of lentils and quinoa, for our protein—we’re all vegetarians! Then we added in the wonderful veggies to make every bite colorful and full of flavor. We added the leeks to the lentils, and made a delicious fresh salad out of quinoa, using our farm fresh spinach, strawberries, cilantro, and onion! We also supplemented fresh peppers, toasted pine nuts and walnuts, and feta. Continue reading

Member Diary #6: Danielle

We were delighted to find that the berry pick up this week was full of bright red, scrumptious little strawberries. Right away my wheels were turning with thoughts of what I might do  with them. I’m a pretty strict vegetarian (often vegan).  I recently convinced my boyfriend to try my eating lifestyle for 2 weeks even though he is about as carnivorous as you can get (we have the head of a boar that he shot and killed hanging in our office, enough said). Needless to say, those 2 weeks are up and he LOVED every moment of it and doesn’t see an end in sight… It’s such a silly assumption that meat makes a meal, as you’ll see below, strawberries and quinoa can fill you right up! Plus its meal packed full of Vit C, protein, iron and minerals! I decided to make Strawberry Banana Quinoa Muffins.  Continue reading