Weekly Links

Help Save the Ridgewood Resevoir [NYC Wildflower Week] Walkabout: The Wallabout Market [Brownstoner] Nothing in Life is Guaranteed [Brooklyn 11211] Housing Development Threatens Russian Seed Bank [Aol News] Food Insecurity Rising in America [Newsweek] Food Crises and National Security [Al-Ahram] Pakistan sees food price surge amid flood, UN says [BBC] Record Droughts, Floods and FiresContinue reading “Weekly Links”

Southside CSA article on one-earth.com

A sparkly new article on the Southside CSA has just been posted at One-Earth.com. One-Earth.com is a wiki-powered website which lists solutions to everyday environmental questions such as, “where can I compost my left over greens” and “eek – where can I take this girl I want to impress who is vegan?!” Information is organizedContinue reading “Southside CSA article on one-earth.com”

Deeply Rooted

On yesterday’s Leonard Lopate show on WNYC was a segment about a new book , “Deeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness“.  Promo line for the segment… A century of industrialization has created a food system riddled with problems, yet we look to nutritionists and government agencies, scientists and chefs for solutions, insteadContinue reading “Deeply Rooted”