Week #3 – May 16 [Berry & Maple. A week]

Monday moanday indeed. What a weekend. Cold and rainy, there hasn’t been much growth out in the asparagus fields and Norman feels like he lives in a giant mudhole. (“All we need is one day of sun” says our farmer wistfully…)  As we have discussed, this edible grass absolutely booms with sun, growing inches in an hour. On the flip side, weather like this caused the size drop in this week’s Berry share.

This week’s Berry Share was 1  & 1/4 pound of fresh picked asparagus stalks.

Still, despite the mud, things are looking great up at Greig Farm. The strawberries are as big as a farmer’s thumbnail, nice and green. They should be ripe in a couple weeks, with the first harvest arriving (fingers crossed) on June 6th. The weather we have been having may not be ideal for picnics and suntans BUT it has been pretty ideal for strawberries thereby accounting for the early start. Yup, it may be Spring but those berries at the store are from California;  New York’s strawberry season doesn’t start until mid-June. What a great treat it will be to get strawberries on the early side! The weather may have been wet and gray, but it was perfect for harvesting micro-greens. We were joined in the backyard by Eagle St Rooftop Farm who were selling their beautiful baby radishes and bags of just-picked greens (for a mere $5 a lb; what a deal for some of the best greens in town!) Super excited to supplement our Spring bounty with food grown in Greenpoint.  In addition to our buckets of asparagus and the lucky few who scored a bag of granola (Rich sold out before he even reached the backyard), members picked up their Maple Syrup shares. If you didnt come and grab your maple order, no worries. Feel free to email and arrange a pick-up time @ Ryan’s house or we will be bringing the Maple Syrup back to the Woods for he June 13th & June 20th distributions. Due to popular demand, more Maple is here for members! It was a plentiful year up at Circle C. They still have Maple Syrup available but it’s going fast! In addition to the gallon, quart, pint & 1/2 pint sizes, Circle C also have some 1/2 gallons. Email circlecmaplefarm@gmail.com with your order. Cash payment will be at pick-up; the additional Maple pick-up will be held on June 27th.

  • 1/2 Gallons- $30
  • Quarts- $20
  • Pints- $12
  • 1/2 Pints- $7
When Jen posted the ordering info on our Southside CSA Facebook page, there was 1 gallon of B grade syrup left. If you act quick you may be able to claim that big bad jug of loveliness!
Well, it may be rainy out but our Monday night distribution at the Woods was all about the silver lining of Spring;  the asparagus is so fresh, the greens so tasty, the maple syrup is sweet, the backyard is covered, the veggie quesadilla is yummers with okra, and ain’t nothing like a drink with friends. Unless of course, that drink includes tasty bites of freshly fermented asparagus and a discussion of how our gardens grow. Can’t wait for Monday to come again…

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