Week #6 – June 6 [Berry]

This week’s distribution was a celebration of the start of strawberry season, one of the sweetest times of year. In addition, we had a visit from baby Stella. Strawberries and baby goats, could it get any cooler? Oh yeah, Eagle St Rooftop farm was in the house, selling kale, greens, & bunches of thyme.

Greig Farm Berry Share

  • approx 4 lbs of fresh picked strawberries

Stella is the baby goat, 10 days old at distribution, who was abandoned by her mom and has been “adopted” by Norman. Such a cutey and quite the star at distribution, running/hopping around and bleeting for her “mommy” anytime Norman got out of sight.

I am gonna miss asparagus, but the strawberries are sweet consolation
recycling the Greig Farm buckets
the green goods harvested at Eagle St Rooftop Farm
chillaxin in the backyard at the Woods
taco time!
See ya next week for more beers n' berries AND VEGGIES!!!!

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