Return to The Woods!!

YOU HEARD?? We back at The Woods!! Back at our Southside home but even better than just that we will be keeping up our Northside distribution as well with a satellite location at Dolly’s Swing and Dive

2022 we are experimenting with 2 locations. We will return to our roots in the backyard of the Woods with a satellite distribution site across the street from where we have been the past 2 years because of COVID closures. Info linked below!

2022 Distribution Locations: Members will choose one pickup location for entire season:

DOLLYS SWING & DIVE: 5-8pm at 101 Kent Ave/58 N8th

THE WOODS: 630-9pm in the backyard of 48 S4th

Get LOCA LOCAL on MONDAYS w/ SOUTHSIDE CSA. Every Monday evening from May thru November. Choose from a pick-up in either the SOUTHSIDE or NORTHSIDE of WILLIAMSBURG BROOKLYN. After 2 years of distributing at BIBA, Southside CSA returns to the backyard at The Woods. We will also be hosting a satellite distribution up in the Northside, across the street from BIBA in our new satellite at Dollys Swing & Dive.

THE WOODS – 48 S4th – Mondays from 630-9pm: Not only are we back in their most amazing backyard space we have extended the pickup time a smidge to 9pm.

DOLLYS SWING & DIVE – Mondays from 5-8pm: For 2 years we took refuge from COVID closures up at BIBA. Something new is happening in the space, but we will be distributing across the street from the garage & N8th Street Shed of Dolly’s Swing N’ Dive at 101 Kent Avenue. This is our first experiment in dual locations.

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I am a community organizer who lives and works in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. I like to cook, ride my bike, and hang at my house.

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