SIGN UP FORM HERE – 2020 Harvest Season Sign Up

2020 Update – ‘Rona Season…

Sorry for the delay. COVID19 has delayed our launch as we reconfigure some things to match the changes we are experiencing. THE ONE THING NOT CHANGED is our farmers crop. They are planting and the season is proceeding. THE SHOW WILL GO ON!!

new plants

Right now we are updating all the info, determining our quarantine distribution plans, developing delivery options, and figuring out how to do sign-ups completely virtually. I started this CSA 11 years ago with a co-hort of co-organizers. For the past 5 years I have run it solo. I def need to go back to the old model and am recruiting help. It is a bit crazy to download the info from my brain into a seamless way for people to plug in and help. To that end, I have created a google form so that we can get the process started.

Here is a the form: HELP ORGANIZE FORM

AND here is a look at MIMOMEX FARM from March 12th


ok Winter break is over. Time to think about Spring & that means time to organize…
It is time to launch Southside CSA.
Technically way past time because our farmers like that mid-Winter cashflow. To that end, we will be speed launching this organizing effort. If you want to help organize the Southside CSA, please let me know. Looking for help with accounting, online sales, the blog, social media, weekly email, volunteer scheduling/reminder, etc.
I definitely need help answering email, setting up the email list and weekly emails. And designing the online ordering system. In the past many people have offered their services and it is definitely time for me to recruit more people to help make Southside CSA sustainable.
Anyways, I am back , working on setting up this season. Email for more info



The 2019 season runs through the end of November. Our last distribution is the Monday before Thanksgiving.  We will open up early bird sign ups for 2020 in December. Email for updates

Domino Park Fall Fest Flyer 10.4.19 1-page-001



Can U handle this green!💚 Still time to get in on the 2019 Harvest season!

Every Monday we turn the backyard at the Woods (48 S4th) is turned into an oasis of greens! Vegetable shares, Berry shares, Orchard share, Egg shares, Chicken, Fish, Meat shares, Maple & More!! Sign up to support a local family farm that pay farmworkers a living wage & believe in sustainable agriculture! Many ways to join and be a part of dismantling a racist food system, supporting grassroots groceries, & ensuring that our local farms survive STILL TIME TO JOIN!

Fill out this form 2019 FORM to purchase farm shares and become members of the Southside CSA for Harvest 2019.
STEP 1 – Fill out form (Pick shares. Lots of info about shares & farmers on the webpage)
STEP 2 – Receive email receipt with membership agreement, purchase order, total balance due, deposit info, & payment plan





SIGN UP FOR THE SOUTHSIDE CSA via linked Google Form

SUPPORT LOCAL NYS FAMILY FARMS, GRASSROOT GROCERIES, & FAIR WAGES FOR FARMWORKERS! We offer transparency in your food system, connections to local family farmers, and support of green sustainable land management through direct financial contributions. This is a volunteer project built on the love of environmental justice, farmworkers rights & direct action. All $$ collected goes directly to our partner farms – MimoMex Farm, Greig Farm, Yellow Bell Farm, Northwind Farm, & Circle C Maple Farm.