Broken Stove Beer Share

Introducing the Broken Stove Beer Tasting CLub!

Some types of beer you might taste in the club:
Spice Pumpkin Ale, Holiday Brew, Spring Ale along with more traditional beers like IPA, Stouts & Abby Ales.
Tasting coincides with the Southside CSA winter share distribution at your favorite neighborhood hang-out, 140 Metropolitan Ave

To sign up, please email

8 thoughts on “Broken Stove Beer Share

    1. Hey Billy,
      Sorry, the beer I’ll be making for the csa will not be gluton free. I am in the process of planning some experiments with buckwheat and other gluton free grains. So keep a look out on distribution days!

  1. james,

    i am so happy to hear about your future experiments, please follow through on them! Trying to enter the realm of home brewing (gluten free)and would like to know how it works out for you

  2. This sounds great. but the brews will all be one of a kind? is it possible to get the recipes somehow? so if I like it I can brew it? OpenSource beer?

  3. Hey all,
    Sorry fo rthe slow response. Tooo busy making beer!
    Chris if you bug me at distribution I”ll give you the recipes I’m using. And no the beers will not be the same each month. I’m making 3 different beers for each month. January will be a nut brown ale, pumkin ale, and a porter. Everyone who signs up get 2 12oz bottles of each. February there will be an american style pale ale, apple ale and a wheat ale. Plus each month there be a keg to be enjoyed at distro and some other cool stuff you all can pick up. Also everyone should return their bottles! This will make my life easier. Thanks!

  4. That Raspberry wheat was so good. I have to score the recipe or some more of that. I loved the tartness. I cannot wait for my next pickup, rock on James.

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