Southside CSA Does Take-Out

Join us for a “practical potluck”…

pic by kthread @

CSA members coming together to swap food and recipes, but in “take-out” style!

Tuesday October 19th

6:00-7:30 pm (all food must be dropped off/arrive by 6:30 pm)
117 South 3rd St. Apartment 3A (between Bedford & Berry)
How does it work? You bring one dish (main, side or dessert), copies of the recipe you made, and some take-away containers (and a bottle of wine if you’re so inclined to join in the “happy hour” portion). We all meet up to have a glass of wine, swap food and recipes, and everyone walks away with a meal for two all ready to go. To keep things simple and cheap, we’ll take the “weekday vegetarian” meets “working guy/gal/mom/dad” approach – make a vegetarian recipe that’s quick and easy to prepare, but still tastes yummy. Once we know a final head count of who will join, we’ll communicate out how many servings of your dish to prepare, but expect that it would be a serving for 6-8 people.
If you’re interested in joining us, please contact CSA member Ashley Reardon at by October 15.


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