Member Diary #8: Georgie

The share- leeks, basil, spinach, swiss chard, epazote, lettuce, beets, garlic & a dozen eggs.

Hello! I have the full monty share and use it to cook for two people. I cook a lot and am always very inspired by making up dishes depending on what is in the share week to week- it keeps you nice and limber in the kitchen. In the summer I tend to make a lot of super light, quick dishes that are mainly vegetarian- the produce is so tasty that simple preparation is really all you need. Here are a bunch of simple and delicious ways I cook with my CSA food. Breakfast Burrito- scrambled eggs with sauteed scallions and spinach on a lightly toasted whole wheat tortilla. Used: Eggs and spinach

Here is a proper dinner I made for some friends in about an hour. I was inspired by sauteeing the swiss chard and leeks as a side dish and decided to pair it with roasted wild salmon, zucchini cakes, and a yogurt/sour cream- cucumber sauce with basil and chives. Used: Leeks, swiss chard and basil

I also made a super simple green salad with hemp seeds and a lemon-shallot vinaigrette. Used: Lettuce

Sauteed leeks and swiss chard with a little butter, olive oil, salt and pepper. Used: Leeks and swiss chard

Unexpected use of basil! It is delicious in thin strips on pink grapefruit. (Stole idea from the Breslin at the Ace hotel but they put lots of sugar on it) Used: Basil

Good for any time of day- Green Taco. I sauteed scallions and spinach in olive oil with salt and pepper, added a bit of goat cheese, sliced avocado and some leftover salad with lemon-shallot dressing. Really nice and light. Used: Spinach and lettuce

Deluxe Iced Tea- you can really make any kind of iced tea deluxe by adding basil and lemon to it. I ended up using Pukka nettle, fennel and peppermint tea and it was great. For stronger teas, I would add a bit of agave too. Used: Basil

Antipasto Plate- I wanted to showcase the gorgeous beets so I roasted them and paired them with roasted garlic, two different kinds of goat cheese and some sweet piparra peppers. Used: Beets and garlic

Hero Bite: Multiseed cracker spread with roasted garlic, a bit of goat cheese and roasted beets.

Deconstructed Tuna Salad- nice Italian tuna with capers, red onion, parsley, boiled eggs and some mayo on a cracker. Used: Eggs

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