Week #12 – July 18th [Bweek]

This distribution was the kick-off for the Orchard Share. Picked fresh from an orchard in Goshen, we will be seeing lots of local varieties of plums, peaches, nectarines, and apples over the next 16 weeks. The commencment of the share was pushed to a week later due to weather issues. The CSA bounty was filled this week with the rich greens of a summer harvest and bright blues of the July blueberry season. Martin says the scorching hot weather has made for long hard days on the farm as all the fields must be watered daily. While not as crazy as the drought situation for farmers in the Southwest, there has not been a lot of rain in NY this summer. Some crops have been struggling, but despite the long, cold Spring coupled with the hot, dry Summer, most crops have been plentiful for our region’s hardworking farms. As an abnormally dry July continues to swelter towards August with scorchingly humid heat, we must remember that for small family farmers and csa members, patience is a needed virtue for a successful season — especially when it comes to rain. Every crop has a certain period of time for optimal rain and its harvest production is at the mercy of the weather. As our berry farmer, Norman like to say; It’s like that. Farming is legalized gambling.

Orchard share is launched for the 2011 harvest season

A bunch of carrots from Goshen going to a kitchen in Greenpoint.

MimoMex Vegetable Share

  • 2 lbs Summer Squash. Your choice of size; approx 2-3
  • 1 bunch Radishes
  • 1 bunch Carrots
  • 1 bunch Kale
  • 1 head Romaine
  • 1 head Celery
  • 2 Red Onions
  • 1 White Onion
  • 1 bunch Lemongrass
  • 1 bunch Basil
  • 1 bunch Cilantro
The green of a great MimoMex harvest.
We have new signs to make pick-up easy and informative.
The week's bucket from Greig Farm.

Greig Farm Berry Share

  • 1 bucket, about 2/3rds full, of fresh picked blueberries; Approx three and a half pounds.
We hid the berry and meat shares inside, away from the sticky heat of the backyard.
On stage at the Woods, 62 Greig Farm berry shares.
Our first Orchard share distribution was a smash hit with 4lbs of local fruit.

Black Dirt Orchard Share

  • 1 lb Shiro Plums. Your choice of sizes. About 8 or so.
  • 1 lb Sugar Plums. Approx 14 medium sized.
  • 2 lbs Golden Peach. Approx 5.
Weighing out 2 (smiling) pounds of luscious peaches. Hee haa, summer is swinging now!
Shiro plum is a vigorous variety of tree with a beautiful and mild yellow green fruit.
A beautiful variety of eggs to choose from.

MimoMex Egg Share

The scorching weather is hard on the flocks. In the heat, chickens produce far less eggs. We were short 2 dozen eggs, but 2 members agreed to forgo their eggs. In the end, due to leftover donations, there was plenty of eggs afterall.


  • 1 dozen farm fresh eggs

Circle C Maple Syrup

We have the last stash of maple syrup from Circle C. Available at distribution while supplies last.

The last maple of 2011...
Homemade goodies

Northwind Farms Meat Share

  • 1 Whole Chicken
  • 1 package of Hot Italian Sausage
  • (oh man! can’t remember what our third item was. will post as soon as i get back to my freezer from my air-conditioned exile)
B week & Full share peeps grabbing thier shares.

Both our farmers are were super busy, rushing in and out of the Woods after dropping off their produce, racing back to the farm, no time for tacos.    Didn’t get our normal chat with Norman; didn’t even see him, just the lovely buckets of blueberries he left for us. It was a busy night. Lots of help from volunteers. In the end we gleaned off a bunch of produce for the super club fundraiser — plums for salad, lemongrass for decoration, carrots for the pickle course. A member got together some kale and onions for a pasta dish for the Greenpoint soup kitchen. We sent about 4 crates of fruits and vegetables to the Southside Mission food pantry; thanks to everyone who donated.

Blueberries, up close and luscious, fresh picked on Monday mornings.
Picking out those local plums
The sweet taste of Sugar Plums.
Bags of local produce making their way to Brooklyn kitchens.
Bunches of leafy green basil.
Lemongrass. Send us your pics and recipes/crafty ideas for the leaves.
Backyard distribution. Fresh fruit & veg with tacos to boot.
Peach, destined for pies, salads, salsa, and more.
Veggies traveling to a delicious and health meal, biker style.
Freshly picked from the black dirt of Goshen.
Bring your own bags; the bigger the better.

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