Member Diary: Kline’s October 15th Share


Our share name is KLINE and we are Katie Kline and Brett Scieszka. This is our third year as members of the Southside CSA! We have a veggie, egg, and berry share. I am a graduate student in visual arts at Columbia and Brett is a bartender at Vinegar Hill House ( Unfortunately our current schedules this fall have not allowed us to pick up every week any more so we are now dividing our share in half with a friend, Beryl. Even at that rate – we still have enough food to fill most meals – heck look at that squash!
For 10/15 we received the following:
1 bunch collard greens
1 bunch kale
1 generous bunch cilantro
1 GIANT long island squash (I don’t remember the exact name)
12 apples
1 dozen eggs
2 tomatoes
6 jalapenos
1 bunch radish
Considering my commute – I like to make big meals that I can stretch through lunches during the week. First meal was a mexican inspired rice, beans, chicken, squash, salsa, and salad.
I just learned that soaking the center membranes of a squash in a bowl of water help to separate the seeds. Roasted seeds once out of the oven, get a splash of tamari or soy sauce for a slaty caramelized coating. YUM! Seeds went onto the kale and spinach salad with radish, avocado, and a cilantro vinaigrette. The remaining vinaigrette was used to marinate and flavor the chicken (no leftovers there!).
Squash was roasted in sections for easy skinning. This was a really good squash — similar to spaghetti squash. Salsa was made with tomato, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, and lime juice.
For a follow-up meal, I used more squash and kale to dress some pasta along with ground turkey, sage, and pecorino. Turned out great!
Our friend Beryl made a kale and squash soup with her half of the share
I usually snack on apples and hard-boiled eggs throughout the week.

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