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Asparagus makes an appearance in Week 1 of the Greig Farm Berry Share
Asparagus makes an appearance in Week 1 of the Greig Farm Berry Share

We may have kicked things off for the year–YEAH ASPARAGUS! YEAH YEAH FARM FRESH EGGS!! — but there is still time to sign up and get in on the goodness!!  Become a member of the Southside CSA and guarantee your weekly score of vegetables, berries, eggs, meat and more.

Yellow Bell Eggs
Yellow Bell Eggs

Right now, just the egg, berry , meat and chicken shares have started. (Berries have started? you ask? — Not quite, see our fab farmer Norm grows asparagus, strawberries, peas, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples and pumpkins; These crops compose our Greig Farm Berry share. It is mostly berries…but kicks off with an early Spring dose of asparagus). Soon the backyard of the Woods will be filled with strawberries…and then vegetables from MimoMex, and finally fruits from local orchards. You don’t want to miss out….. So sign up today while there is still room!

Strawberry haul
Strawberry haul – June 2013

How to sign upEmail Depending on the day of the week and our work schedule, we will either set up an individual appointment or arrange for you to come during distribution. We will be hosting open-house style  sign ups during all our distributions until we sell out.

What is for sale: 

We have about 30 shares of 200 left. Almost everything is available right now although some shares are on the cusp of selling out and some weeks are super close to being gone. What does that mean? In order to make life easier for our farmers, we need our weekly numbers to be even. In order to do this, we divide our shares into designated weeks, A week & B week and so some weeks will sell out.

[Note – Sometimes the A week price differs from the B week price. This is because the Vegetable Share is 25 weeks long therefore the A week is one week less than the B week. Also, we can add half shares of eggs to anything/everything.]

  • Vegan Deluxe –Full Berry, Full Veg, Full Orchard– $1339 + admin
  • Newtown Creek Deluxe  Half Greig, Full Veg, Full Orchard-$1101.50  + admin
  • East River– Full Greig Berry, Full Veg– $1075 + admin
  • Grand Ferry Half Greig, Full Veg, Half Orchard–$969.50 + admin
  • Newtown Creek – Full Veg, Full Orchard —$864 + admin
  • Empire –– Full Greig, Full Orchard–$739 + admin
  • Bridge Deluxe B Half Greig Berry, Half Veg B, Half Orchard– $681.50 + admin
  • Bridge Deluxe A-Half Greig Berry, Half Veg A, Half Orchard–$657.50 + admin
  • Just Veg – – Full Veg–$600+ admin
  • East River B –Half Veg B, Half Greig B– $550 + admin 
  • East River A  – Half Veg A, Half Greig A–$525.50+admin
  • Just Jamming–-  Full Berry–$475+ admin
  • Bridge B – Half Veg B, Half Orchard – $444 – + admin
  • Bridge A –Half Veg A, Half Orchard $420+ admin

Modified – In order to not go insane, we will be starting any new egg shares on June 9. These prices reflect that change from the original share packages and new pricing from the farmer. Eggs are some of the best power foods out there. Local, pastured eggs can’t be beat – don’t forget to Put an Egg on it!!

  • Full Monty Deluxe – Full Greig Berry, Full Eggs, Full Veg, Full Orchard – $1453 + admin
  • Woods Deluxe – Full Greig Berry, Half Egg, Full Veg, Half Orchard–$1267 (B egg) or $1261 (A egg)
  • Berry Monty –Full Greig Berry, Full Eggs, Full Veg–$1189 + admin
  • Domino Deluxe– Full Greig Berry, Half Egg, Full Veg –$1135 + admin (B egg) or $1129 + admin (A egg)
  • Full Monty – Full Eggs, Full Veg, Full Orchard –$978 + admin
  • Woods  – Half Egg, Full Veg, Half Orchard–$792 + admin (B week egg) $786 + admin (A week egg)
  • Half Monty Deluxe B– Half Greig Berry, Half Egg, Half Veg B, Half Orchard –$741.50 + admin
  • Half Monty Deluxe A –Half Greig Berry, Half Egg, Half Veg A, Half Orchard–$711.50 + admin
  • East River B with Egg – –Half Veg B, Half Greig B– $610 + admin
  • East River A with Egg  – Half Veg A, Half Greig A–$579.50+admin
  • Half Monty B – Half Egg, Half Veg B, Half Orchard– $504 + admin
  • Half Monty A-Half Egg, Half Veg A, Half Orchard–$474 + admin
  • Oh My Pie – Full Orchard, Full Eggs — $378 + admin

Don’t let these long lists scare you — basically, we are willing to make up almost any package. We want to get you the amount of produce you want/need plus make it worthwhile for our hard working farmers to partner with us. Packages make is somewhat simpler. Shoot us any questions you have! DOnt forget to read about the volunteer requirements. Lots of info on this blog and pictures on our facebook page – Southside CSA

June 2013 - Full Veg + Full Greig Berry + Full Egg Shares
June 2013 – Full Veg + Full Greig Berry + Full Egg Shares

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