Still Time to Sign Up!

Have no fear, there are still memberships available the 2014 Harvest season. Packages are listed here – Southside CSA Packages – Info on Extended Payment Plans Cash & Checks accepted. Also, now taking credit card payments (for just a small fee….)   Right now we can pretty much create almost every type of share (within reason). AsContinue reading “Still Time to Sign Up!”

Broken Stove Beer Tasting Club Summer Extension

HUZZAH! Those Summer BBQ’s are gonna have a little more local flavor thanks to the Summer extension of the Broken Stove Beer Tasting Club! Our brewer has announced a 4 month Summer membership. For just $65 you can get in on the local, homebrew magic. Beer doesn’t get more craft or local than this —Continue reading “Broken Stove Beer Tasting Club Summer Extension”

January Beer Share

  On January 19th, Southside CSA hosted one of our fave events — the Beer Tasting Potluck. It’s the day when we get together, drink delicious small batch craft beer brewed by James Kinnie of Broken Stove Brewery and eat tasty treats. Eat and drink local, that’s our motto! In addition to our soiree, membersContinue reading “January Beer Share”

Our Holiday Adventures Cooking with Beer

Actually this should be entitled Cooking with Fabulous Homebrew. Le sigh –  how we LOVE our Broken Stove Tasting Club membership(s). Yes, that is plural – we are in the lucky situation of multiple memberships — an old roomie bought us an additional share. Best. Gift. Ever. It has been a fun few weeks of festive cookingContinue reading “Our Holiday Adventures Cooking with Beer”

Southside CSA Broken Stove Beer Tasting Club

Love home-brewed beers but don’t have the time, space, or patience to do-it-yourself? Join our Broken Stove Beer Tasting Club– Get a monthly dose of local, sustainable, hand-crafted beer! Membership Fees for 6 months: $100 for Basic membership plan* – $200 for the Connoisseur membership plan* – $400 for the Snob membership plan* – EmailContinue reading “Southside CSA Broken Stove Beer Tasting Club”