Yellow Bell Farm

Yellow Bell

Our fabulous farmer!

Our fabulous farmer!

Katie Bogdanffy, our chicken & egg farmer

Katie and her chickens

Katie grew up on a New York poultry farm, and now she’s the third generation to earn her livelihood by raising chickens. As her mother, Nancy Austin, said, “it’s in [Katie’s] genes.” Starting in 2014, Yellow Bell Farm produced our chicken and eggs, providing Southside CSA with eggs under the name of her parent’s farm – Feather Ridge — from 2011-2013. Starting in 2013, she ran her own farm — the fabulous Yellow Bell Farm — continuing her mission to provide a fresh, healthy and local food option to customers. Yellow Bell chicken and eggs are of the highest quality, flavorful and fresh, 100% free of all drugs and additives and cage free with ample room to roam. Yellow Bell Farm chickens are raised humanely, hand prepared one at a time with attention to detail.

Katie Bogdanffy is devoted to her animals. “Things on the farm are always changing and one must be ready to jump in at any time, day, night and season. Animal husbandry is wonderful and it continues to amaze me as I watch my chicks grow into beautiful hens for eggs and roasting chickens. The biggest reward is to raise an animal straight through to the end product to feed ones community.”  Katie begins the day by checking in on her birds. During winter’s dark mornings, all through to the bright glory of summer, she’s there.

Katie completes every step of her chickens’ care by hand. There are no mechanics in the process, even in the inevitable, final step. In the morning, she draws them fresh water and replenishes their feed, a custom seed blend, milled on the farm, without any chemical additives. Her daily ritual ensures a happy and healthy flock, free of antibiotics. She repeats the process every night.

“I love producing a healthy, quality product,” Bogdanffy said. “The best part is getting the great feedback at the farmers market.”

You may have seen Yellow Bell at Union Square

You may have seen Yellow Bell at Union Square or other farmers markets around town

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