Member Diary: 73 Devoe- week of June 25th

I have to first say how much I look forward to Monday nights and our CSA pickup. There are always surprises and everything is delicious. This is our second year as members of Southside, not just for the fresh fruit and veggies but because this group is hyper-organized, super nice, and heavily involved in building and protecting the community. Speaking of community, our share ‘family’ is myself and my boyfriend, Andy, and our downstairs neighbors, Karen & Dave. We share the ‘woods deluxe’ which is vegetables and berries every week and eggs and orchard every other week.

So, I had thought last week was the week to blog and then I got word it was this week, so I have an combination to report.

Last week’s haul:

Blueberries, Kale, Purslane, Broccoli, Lettuce, English Peas, Spring Onion, Parsley

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Week #10 — July 9th [B week]

Hip hip hooooooray for the first week of the glorious orchard share. It started off with a big score of one of our fave stone fruits.  Plums are one of NYC’s “native fruits” — early explorers of the New York area, including Giovanni da Verrazano and Henry Hudson, mentioned beach plums in their writings and Plum Island, off the North Fork of Long Island, is named after the fruit. We are stoked to be reaping a great harvest after a pretty tough growing season thanks to the cold snap after the trees had blossomed. We intend to celebrate with lots of good eating, baking, and waxing poetic about plums…

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Week #9 — July 2nd [A week]

A great pre-holiday distribution. Lots of good fodder for those picnics & bbqs on the 4th.  Continue reading

Week # 8 — June 25 [B Week]

It was the week of crazy thunderstorms. Bits of sun combined with a total deluge. We hid out under cover in the back yard. It was a bit crowded but pretty darn fun.

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Member Diary #6: George & Melissa- June 18th Share

This is our third year with Southside CSA and the coming of the new season has become one of the most exciting parts of our year!  We are a couple sharing a half monty, including veggie, orchard, and egg share, as well as a half berry and half chicken share.  We did do the meat share last year but felt like the chicken share would match our eating habits better this year.  A half share for two people seems to be the right amount for us, as we both work busy jobs, but try and eat most of our dinners at home during the week and at least one big meal during the weekend.

This week was the first week of veggie share, which was very exciting.  Here is the share in all of its glory on our dining table once we got home on Monday night.  Especially impressive this week were the amazing amounts of strawberries and yet another beautiful big chicken from Feather Ridge:

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Week #7 – June 18th [A week]

A great week of vegetables and berries in the backyard of the Woods…

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