Berry-licious recipes

pic by Zest NY

2 yummy gems for blueberries sent in by member Susan . Thanks for sharing! Continue reading

Update: Supporting the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen

As part of the volunteer requirement, 2010 Southside CSA members have been supporting the weekly soup kitchen meal at the  Greenpoint Reform Church. Whether cooking healthy dishes, serving & cleaning up after the meal or unloading & prepping vegetables from weekend deliveries, volunteers have been getting their hands dirty in support of this community kitchen.  All Southside CSA share families perform 4 hours of volunteer service in support of either the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen or Southside Mission Pantry; with just a few hours of your time you help maintain a vital neighborhood service. It is a really important to us that we work together to support food security in the neighborhood. Continue reading

good reads & current events

mimomex eggs, sunny!

Bringing back the Buckle…

and other cooking adventures with seasonal fruit. Continue reading

Week #11 – Aug 23 [A Week]

Week 11 means we are halfway through the 2010 harvest season! And with all the news surrounding the “bad eggs” in stores across the country, never have I been more stoked to know my farmer and know that my food is safe… Continue reading

Member Diary #10: Devin

Member Devin shows us how to rock out our CSA produce with an amazing array of recipes… Continue reading

Round the World w/ Eggplant

Native to India, eggplant spread round the world via Arabic traders. Owing to its versatile nature and wide use in both everyday and festive Indian food, it is often described (under the name brinjal) as the ‘King of Vegetables’. Continue reading

Week #10 – Aug 16 [B week]

This week it rained! We had almost finished setting up for distribution, our volunteers had arrived early and we were hopping along nicely, when thunder, lightening (very very frightening) DOWN POUR! Continue reading

Berry! Member Diary: Megan Q.

Sadly, this week’s berry share wasn’t as bountiful as in weeks past.  Add that and the fact that my husband and I helped out at the distribution on Monday and wound up eating most of our berries, what we brought home was kind of sad.

[Ed Note: We are all going to have to start a berry support group now that the blueberry season is winding down…Summer, you are a cruel mistress!]

Especially since this is what we usually bring home!

Either way, it’s been all berries, all the time in the Quesada household.  Continue reading

Member Diary #9: Mala

This week Mala shares with us the various ways she uses her Veggie, Orchard & Berry shares. Continue reading