Sign-Up Appointments

Updated May 7, 2013
About 16- 20 shares left, depending on which packages sell first. The 2013 season has started (yeah MEAT share!!) but there is still time to sign up before the strawberries and vegetables and plums show up…We have walk-in sign ups at the Woods (backyard – 48 S4th)  each week during our Monday night distributions until we sell out. That is every monday from 630-830pm. Look for Ryan & the info desk…
You can also email to set up an individual appointment during the week. Certain nights and sometimes on the weekend when we aren’t at our “day job”, we host sign up appointments. There might be several people; It might take 15-30 minutes, depending on how many questions you have…
Please read about the payment & volunteer requirements before emailing for an appointment. It is important to read about a csa, its farmers, the distribution rules, and all those vital details before coming to sign up. Takes about a half an hour of flipping through the blog, but is worth it to understand how the Southside CSA operates. This is a volunteer project — no one but the farmer’s get paid — and therefore every share group has volunteer hours to complete, playing a vital role in making the whole darn thing possible;

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