Caroline F Member Diary from Week #22 (Sept 23)

pic by caroline freedman

I had a crazy busy week and I was only able to cook two meals. So, I made an effort to use as much of my share– a MimoMex Vegetable Share & Greig Farm Berry Share —  as possible in both of the meals.

 pic by caroline freedman
First, I made chicken tacos. I grabbed a taco kit on my way home from work, and added radish, lettuce, bell pepper and tomatoes from my garden. I steamed a side of corn, which was so tasty I didn’t even add butter or salt!
pic by caroline freedman

Later in the week I put together bi bim bap. It’s one of my favorite meals, and it’s amazing for using up all different kinds of vegetables you have hanging around. I buy bulgogi marinade from any asian grocery store, but you can also make it from scratch. I will buy a pound or two of grass fed beef, slice it up, portion it into a few ziploc bags, add the marinade and freeze it. Then, I always have marinaded beef ready to go any time I want to make bi bim bap. Almost any vegetable makes a great addition to bi bim bap. I typically also add mushrooms and baby spinach but I didn’t have any on hand this week. I used:
  • zucchini (cooked)
  • carrots (uncooked)
  • radish (uncooked)
  • bell pepper (uncooked)
  • lettuce (uncooked)

pic by caroline freedman

Cook rice and portion into bowls. Slice vegetables into thin coins or sticks. Add uncooked vegetables to bowls. Cook the zucchini in sesame oil until tender and add to bowls. Then, cook the beef (marinaded firm tofu also works) to desired level of done-ness and add to the bowls. Fry one egg in sesame oil per person and top off each bowl. Stir in some spicy gochujang sauce. You can purchase the spicy pepper paste at asian grocery stores, but I prefer to get homemade versions from Korean restaurants; They will sell you plenty of sauce for a dollar or two and it keeps forever in the refrigerator.
parsley pic by lauren slusher
I’m still planning on freezing the parsley for use over the winter but I haven’t had the time to do it. I’ve found two methods – one is to blend finely chopped parsley with olive oil, freeze in ice cube trays and store in a container in the freezer. The other method is to chop parsley, stick it in a ziploc bag, smush it down to the bottom of the bag and roll up in a log-shape, pushing out as much air as possible.  Maybe I will try both and see which works better!

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